Creating training courses – transfer of product knowledge

The more salespeople are versed in your products and the better they know your assortment, the better chance you have to increase your sales.
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Instant transfer of product knowledge

Are you introducing a new product to the market or changing your offer? Do you want to get the best results on specific product groups?

The key is to quickly and effectively educate your salespeople or external sales forces (e.g. distributors, wholesalers) on new products.

Create an online product training and share it with your entire sales network, saving lots of energy, days and money. In addition, you will gain data which will allow you to analyze product knowledge, knowledge of current promotions (of your salespeople and business partners).

Teach about your assortment without wasting the salespeople’s time

Driving to your distributors (to train them on what’s new) or wasting your salespeople’s “sales time” just for them to gather in the headquarters for product training, has no economic justification. Now you have an alternative:

  1. Assortment training without distracting salespeople from their work with customers
  2. Online product education for external distributors, wholesalers, dealers, etc.
  3. Knowledge competitions based on your offer as part of gamification
  4. Analysis and rankings of knowledge on your products or news.

A simple, fast, and inexpensive way to increase product (and other) knowledge of your salespeople.

SalesOn allows you to instantly transfer knowledge about your products to your salespeople by building efficient product training. All you really need is to have current materials on either your computer or company server and you’re good to go. With that you can quickly create, for example, assortment trainings, which aim to increase the effectiveness of you salespeople in two areas:


What they sell (product aspect – hard skills)

This area, i.e., creating product training, is the responsibility of the marketing department. But why exactly? It’s because this department has all the competences, promotional and advertising materials, and knowledge about the products that the company offers. Thanks to constant, cyclical education of sales representatives (on products, product novelties) marketing campaigns have a chance for better conversion (that is, they translate into sales results). SalesOn allows for instant transfer of product knowledge from marketing to sales, or simply for distribution of any (smaller) material from marketing, which should be mastered by salespeople.

Who generally creates product training?

  • product manager,
  • brand manager,
  • product owner,
  • marketing manager.


How they sell it (soft skills aspect)

In companies where the HR department understands and knows the specificity of sales work, skills trainings are built by HR itself. There are of course companies (where HR doesn’t feel confident enough to create the content of skills training) which delegate the preparation of materials to cooperating training companies. Thanks to this, HR departments receive ready-made materials, which can later be added to SalesOn. Training companies usually provide customers with training materials in the form of a PowerPoint presentation or a recorded webinar that, for example, a trainer has conducted on behalf of the customer.

Who usually creates soft training courses?

  • Internal trainer,
  • HR business partner,
  • L&D manager,
  • External training company / freelance trainer / production agency.

Whether you are building a product (or skill) training, you can build it from individual files you already have on your computer or company server.

You can use:

Photos (.jpg, .png)

Videos (video files or links e.g., YouTube)

Documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF)

Audio files (audio, mp3 files)

Files in SCORM format

In other words, if you already have any materials about your products in a digital format, i.e.:

  • Catalogues, presentations, or brochures about your products
  • Product advertisements, offers, presenters etc.
  • Product specifications (price lists, technical descriptions, offers)
  • Recordings of trainings / webinars (done by trainers, from conferences, workshops etc.)
  • Training materials (e.g., PowerPoint presentations)
  • Materials in SCORM format

you can very easily build your presentation materials or training courses in our system.

Customers about SalesOn

Wojciech Cichy Field Sales Director at Danone

[…] indeed, thanks to SalesOn, we have been constantly improving the competences of our sales team for almost two years! It was all possible thanks to mutual understanding, commitment, and partnership cooperation. Many thanks to the entire team of McHayes Steward Group and Danone’s HR and Sales team

Jarek Ganiewski Field Force Manager at Fiskars

SalesOn allows us to develop the sales team in small steps. The greatest value is the reporting module, where we see what salespeople know and can do, and on which areas we still have to work on. Working at Saleson also allows you to develop the involvement of salespeople in the learning process anywhere, anytime.

Karolina Szołoch HR Coordinator at Sopro Polska

SalesOn is a practical tool that allows you to develop competences and skills of the sales force. It offers a wide range of training courses for sales representatives as well as for managers. In an easy and accessible way, you can analyze the results, track the progress of employees and determine the potential for improvement. For us, creating our own product training is also of great value. I recommend!

Luiza Lutek Sales Force Development Coordinator at Polkomtel

SalesOn appeared in our structures during the pandemic, thanks to which our sales reps were not deprived of access to knowledge and opportunities for continuous development. The subject of training on the platform allows you to personalize training and adjust materials to the diagnosed needs of our employees. This year, we are going a step further – we decide to use the opportunities related to planning and monitoring coaching work offered by SalesOn.

Waldemar  Jakubus Sales and Marketing Director, Member of the Management Board at DOBROWOLSCY Sp. z o.o

“We have been with SalesOn for 2 years. This accessible form, fast and easy to use, allowed for the introduction of regularity, mobility and a wide range of topics in the field of training for our sales reps and telesales reps. Being able to repeat and easily access knowledge is a key factor in keeping it remembered and used. I believe that this is the most optimal form for companies with large sales departments. “

Mateusz Szlichciński Field Sales Manager Poland at Brown Forman

SalesOn gives our salespeople the opportunity to learn according to the rhythm and preferences of each of them, additionally they can train from anywhere.

Marcin Gniewisz Commercial Director at Herbapol Poznań S.A.

I can wholeheartedly recommend. A well-prepared product, an efficient service base, and most importantly … we developed the final functionalities together… and now we are happy to use it. Thank you to the entire SalesOn Team.

Grzegorz Barszcz Vice President at Politan

This solution is on point. It perfectly addresses the needs of the new post-Covid world. Our salespeople are satisfied and committed. I can wholeheartedly recommend using

Tomasz Słoma Sales Department Manager at LangMedia Sp. z o.o.

We implemented the SalesOn platform at the beginning of 2020 and it was a great decision. Our sales representatives have the opportunity to develop their sales skills at any time, which translated into better results of the company despite the pandemic. I recommend SalesOn to any company that appreciates the importance of investing in human capital.