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  • 7% increase in annual sales results
  • 2x faster knowledge transfer on the marketing-sales-distribution line
  • 85% savings in the training budget
  • 50% faster growth of product knowledge among salespeople
  • 2x shorter introduction period into the sales department for employees

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• commercial / sales / sales operation directors • directors of indirect sales channels / distribution networks • marketing managers / product owners / product managers • managers of training and human resources departments… and everyone else who is looking for a way to increase the sales of their sales teams.

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    Customers about SalesOn

    Robert Porada Sales Director

    Effective and flexible tool that works well for a large team with varying sales experience. We highly recommend SalesOn’s industry-specific training, access to verification of participants’ knowledge levels, and the ability to create our own corporate training courses.

    Dagmara Lasocka Vice President at Infostom Sp. z o.o.

    Thanks to SalesOn, we simply sell more! We’ve seen a 35% increase in sales, and an increase in the conversion of submitted offers for a loan from 15% to 43%! SalesOn is a quick and easy way to improve the competence of sales teams.

    Aleksandra Gadzikowska Director of Apartment Properties Division

    For more than a year, we have been using SalesOn to create our own training courses for agents starting out in the company. This ensures that each agent has a solid foundation to start with, both with market and subject matter knowledge. Last year, we recruited around 30 agents who build on the knowledge gained from SalesOn training. Each of the agents has a strong sales track record, and as a result we have seen an increase in sales of around 10% on the previous year, probably largely due to working with SalesOn!

    Damian Fituch Managing Director at Jung Polska

    Thanks to SalesOn, we have the opportunity to train our Sales Team in an ongoing, low-cost and above all measurable way. The SalesOn platform is the future in terms of development and digitalisation in sales departments, forcing people to think in a different, previously unknown way. SalesOn is a powerful dose of knowledge – both for people starting out in sales and those who have already fallen into a sales routine. By implementing the SalesOn platform at JUNG Polska, our team is gaining new knowledge that they can put into practice.

    Maciej Głuszyński National Sales Manager at Zeelandia

    Our people are our best showcase. SalesOn helps us to be sure that they are still “hot”. The flexibility and openness of the SalesOn tool allows us to configure it at any time during market reconfiguration. I heartily recommend.

    Julia Bentkowska Sales Director at Good Food Products

    SalesOn is an interesting complementary tool to traditional stationary training. It enables regular work on improving sales skills, and allows you to refresh your knowledge on a continuous basis. The great advantage is training at any convenient time, from anywhere. Thanks to reports and rankings, it allows you to assess the involvement of salespeople in their personal development.

    Tomasz Kuczyński Business Development Director at JUAN

    The SalesOn platform means convenience and stress-free training for employees and savings for the company. We professionally train our salespeople in the most convenient place and time throughout the country.

    Renata Niećko Chief Executive Officer at Euroterm TGS

    Comfort related to the selection of training, scheduling of dates, the possibility of undergoing training in the most convenient conditions for the employee, the possibility of obtaining quick access to sales materials. These and many other advantages of SalesOn cannot be overestimated. The most encouraging are the comments of users who admit that they now see their mistakes in communication with clients, or discover that there is an area to be worked on by their colleague, discuss it and support each other. It is also important that each employee who wants to learn new techniques of working with the client has access to the tool simply “at his fingertips”.

    Marek Sapeta Deputy Sales Director at Tarczyński S.A.

    SalesOn is a very interesting and intuitive tool for conducting training in sales skills and industry knowledge. The platform is ideal for carrying out quick knowledge verification, especially in a dispersed sales structures. Thanks to reports and rankings, we are able to monitor the progress of our employees on an ongoing basis.

    Magdalena Łukasik-Olejniczak Product Trainer CE Cluster Lead at Whirlpool

    SalesOn is a simple way to develop the knowledge and skills of salespeople or brand promoters. Interesting content presented in understandable language is a 100% guarantee. I noticed that the team eagerly participates in training and gamification. It is also worth paying attention to the intuitive administration of the platform, thanks to which you do not have to waste hours and nerves 🙂

    Błażej Wilamowski Commercial Director, Member of The Board at Oshee

    Thanks to SalesOn, we not only develop hard competences, but we have also gained a modern communication platform, which we also use for product training, NPD implementation and education of our clients. The greatest added value of the platform is flexibility in managing the training and competence development program, and the ability to verify knowledge on-line, without over-investing the time of our teams, e.g. through knowledge tests that enable quick verification of the state of knowledge of our staff.

    Paweł Musiał General Sales Deputy Director at BLACHPROFIL 2

    The SalesOn training platform has been accompanying our sales force for over a year. Professional support in implementing an innovative online training tool was the key to success. The platform has a wide range of soft skills training for traders and managers and allows you to prepare your own product modules. Big applause for the new format of LIVE webinars, a tool that allows for greater interaction between the sales department and the trainer!

    Sławomir Bedliński Sales Director at Hoya

    SalesON is a platform that we have been using for over two years, it is a great tool for developing and consolidating the knowledge of salespeople (…) It is very important that SalesOn is constantly developed, offering new training modules and new functionalities. (…) Additionally, the platform enables the analysis of the development of the team’s skills. (….) SalesOn is an integral part of our team’s training process and we will continue to use this platform regardless of any other training.

    Krzysztof Książek Jr HR Business Partner at Orbico Poland

    SalesOn, apart from great ready-made training content and many fantastic functionalities, is also a team of specialists behind the platform. I greatly appreciate the fact that our partners on the SalesOn side listen to our feedback and constantly improve the platform to make it even better adapted to the needs of users and administrators.

    Wojciech Cichy Field Sales Director at Danone

    […] indeed, thanks to SalesOn, we have been constantly improving the competences of our sales team for almost two years! It was all possible thanks to mutual understanding, commitment, and partnership cooperation. Many thanks to the entire team of SalesOn and Danone’s HR and Sales team

    Jarek Ganiewski Field Force Manager at Fiskars

    SalesOn allows us to develop the sales team in small steps. The greatest value is the reporting module, where we see what salespeople know and can do, and on which areas we still have to work on. Working at Saleson also allows you to develop the involvement of salespeople in the learning process anywhere, anytime.

    Karolina Szołoch HR Coordinator at Sopro Polska

    SalesOn is a practical tool that allows you to develop competences and skills of the sales force. It offers a wide range of training courses for sales representatives as well as for managers. In an easy and accessible way, you can analyze the results, track the progress of employees and determine the potential for improvement. For us, creating our own product training is also of great value. I recommend!

    Luiza Lutek Sales Force Development Coordinator at Polkomtel

    SalesOn appeared in our structures during the pandemic, thanks to which our sales reps were not deprived of access to knowledge and opportunities for continuous development. The subject of training on the platform allows you to personalize training and adjust materials to the diagnosed needs of our employees. This year, we are going a step further – we decide to use the opportunities related to planning and monitoring coaching work offered by SalesOn.

    Waldemar  Jakubus Sales and Marketing Director, Member of the Management Board at DOBROWOLSCY Sp. z o.o

    “We have been with SalesOn for 2 years. This accessible form, fast and easy to use, allowed for the introduction of regularity, mobility and a wide range of topics in the field of training for our sales reps and telesales reps. Being able to repeat and easily access knowledge is a key factor in keeping it remembered and used. I believe that this is the most optimal form for companies with large sales departments. “

    Mateusz Szlichciński Field Sales Manager Poland at Brown Forman

    SalesOn gives our salespeople the opportunity to learn according to the rhythm and preferences of each of them, additionally they can train from anywhere.

    Marcin Gniewisz Commercial Director at Herbapol Poznań S.A.

    I can wholeheartedly recommend. A well-prepared product, an efficient service base, and most importantly … we developed the final functionalities together… and now we are happy to use it. Thank you to the entire SalesOn Team.

    Grzegorz Barszcz Vice President at Politan

    This solution is on point. It perfectly addresses the needs of the new post-Covid world. Our salespeople are satisfied and committed. I can wholeheartedly recommend using

    Tomasz Słoma Sales Department Manager at LangMedia Sp. z o.o.

    We implemented the SalesOn platform at the beginning of 2020 and it was a great decision. Our sales representatives have the opportunity to develop their sales skills at any time, which translated into better results of the company despite the pandemic. I recommend SalesOn to any company that appreciates the importance of investing in human capital.

    Dariusz Stasiukiewicz Sales Director at Delia Cosmetics

    „The decision to cooperate was well thought out, I believe that it is worth developing the knowledge and competences of salespeople using the best training tools to which SalesOn belongs.”

    Karolina Kuchta Junior HR Business Partner at MS Services

    I heartily recommend SalesOn, it is a clearly built training, coaching, and reporting system. SalesOn provides qualitative training materials, which have a very good opinion among the group of MS Services Sales Representatives, and which I, an HR representative, also find very interesting.

    Jakub Krasicki Lead Project Manager at MS Services

    One of the priorities of MS Services is to care for the development of our employees’ competences. That is why this year we started our cooperation with SalesOn, where our sales forces will find a comprehensive training program and knowledge tests, thanks to which they will quickly progress in their education.

    Małgorzata Stawniak HR Manager at Flugger A / S

    We have what we asked for: ready-made high-level training, data analytics as a huge added value from the perspective of the HR department, an in-house training creator, and a solid technical support.

    Pavel Pechorin Director of Corporate Strategy at KREISEL

    The best and most convenient training format for sales departments. Both for managers and salespeople.

    Paweł Pasek Field Force Manager at Spectrum Brands

    SalesOn is a very interesting project, and I am glad that we are a part of it! It brings together what is very important nowadays, i.e. a very accessible and flexible form of education combined with very substantive content. I am convinced that the series of online training courses at will have a very positive impact on our results. I recommend it!

    Magdalena Sekulska Sales Director at Profi Sp. z o.o.

    An extremely successful project. The topics that we have covered so far are developed in a very clear and understandable way, which is even more important with this form of training than in the case of traditional workshops. Participation in the project allows us to expand our knowledge and systematize it. We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the SalesOn platform.

    Maciej Blaut Sales Director at Bahlsen Group

    SalesOn is a very flexible and tailored training system that develops the most desirable competences of salespeople and sales managers. A perfectly matched online training system, especially during the pandemic. Thanks to this, we are one step ahead!

    Zofia Kotowska-Popik HR Director at Perła Browary Lubelskie

    […] We are extremely happy, it’s a successful and fruitful cooperation between and Perełka :). The involvement of our salespeople in the training process is especially pleasing! Thank you very much!

    Krzysztof Mikoda Sales Director at ZPC Vobro

    Thank you for a great training system. The Sales Team will use the acquired knowledge practically because you have prepared it very well. I recommend it to every Sales Team in the FMCG industry.

    Joanna Mazur-Zwinka Sales Director at FFiL Śnieżka SA

    The process of developing sales force competencies is a long-term job. It is important that you acquire knowledge gradually, with understanding and practical application, and not “undergo” training once a year. Thanks to SalesOn, it’s possible all the time, regardless of the circumstances (COVID). Definitely recommend!

    Anna Staroszczyk HR Partner at Strauss Cafe

    […] Thank you to the entire SalesOn team for professional cooperation! SalesOn is a great tool which allows employees to develop multiple sales competences in one space