Competency analytics (knowledge and skills)

Make decisions about the development of your salespeople based on hard data (not guesses, impressions and subjective opinions).
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Hard data, not opinions and impressions.

If you want your sales to grow, it’s high time to develop salespeople’s competences based on the “Data Driven Decision Making” model. Stop shooting in the dark, asking “experts”, “advisers” (or someone who has never made sales) how and what to train your salespeople with. Use hard data, rankings, and reports … not opinions.

If you can’t measure something, you can’t manage it.

For years now the sales departments have been analyzing almost everything. Everything except competences… which at the end of the day make or break they salesperson’s ability to make the target or not. Finally you can start verifying:

  1. Salespersons’ knowledge on your products, assortment, trace policy
  2. Salespersons’ skills “in the field” (e.g. meeting standards, visit steps, etc.)
  3. Individual salespeople, entire teams, regions, or distributors
  4. and anything you haven’t measured before, because it was mistakenly thought of as a “soft” skill which had no effect on sales.