Online training subscription

If your salespeople are to meet higher and higher targets, you just have to train them non-stop… often, quickly and without wasting their time.
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Dozens of online training courses, available immediately, anywhere, anytime, and always.

Your people should be interacting directly with Clients, not sit and participate in training of the other end of the country. So stop wasting your time with looking for trainers, training programs, price negotiations (and all that other paperwork).

Don’t spend your entire budget on one training course a year. Purchase an annual training subscription for salespeople and give them the opportunity to learn where and when they want, not when it suits the trainer.

One training a year will not change anything. Dozens of trainings …will!

Two weeks after the training most salespeople forget 90% of what they learned. Therefore, they must have constant and uninterrupted access to knowledge, hundreds of films, training scenes, and trading tips. Thanks to the microlearning technology, you provide your traders (and yourself) with the access to:

  1. Several dozen online commercial training courses (prepared by sales trainers)
  2. Your online product and assortment training
  3. All of your marketing and commercial materials
  4. Extensive analytics of your sales team’s competency levels

What online training will salespeople have access to when you implement SalesOn.

Purchase SalesOn for your sales team, and in the package (included in the price) you will get several dozen ready online training courses for your sales representatives. The base is growing because every month we add new trainings, thanks to which you will have access to an even larger training base. Everything in one place, quick, easy and it will take 2 minutes to order the training.